What is IQ score?

That is a score representing the intelligence of a person. People with high IQ score have quicker and deeper thinking and logic ability than normal people. And to test IQ, people often take free IQ test.

In the world, there are three popular kinds of Intelligence Quotient test including: 100% image test formats, recruitment test format and for-genius format (high rank test). Speaking of test format, it is as the name of each test, 100% image test has all image contents, so it is fair to all cultures. A person who is literate can still be able to take the free IQ test and get result correctly. The two other formats are less common, we will find out in another article.

What is Vietnam High IQ Society’s Online IQ test? That is an IQ quiz built on the base of international tests with high precision and prestige, the difficulty of the test will range from easy to difficult and very difficult. With result higher than 130 players will have the opportunity to join membership of the organization.

If you're wondering how much your own IQ is, you can test it here:

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